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PBDG offers training and mentorship to help certified firms grow their business.

Training Center Programs

PBDG Foundation’s mission is to improve the business conditions of small minority and women-owned firms in the construction industry through education, training and mentorship.

PBDG is committed to the growth and development of Construction related businesses in Oregon. Our program provides technical assistance designed to target minority and women owned firms working in the fields of construction, engineering, and architecture. We also cater to individuals who are seeking to open their own businesses withn the construction industry. Our relationship-centric and case management approach is designed to be flexible and responsive to every client’s individual needs. 

Our Technical Assistance programs include: Mentor-Protege Program, One-on-One Consulting and Workshops/Classes. Businesses can access our services statewide as our classes, advising and mentorship opportunities all have virtual options.

Businesses do not have to be PBDG members to receive services from our programs.

PBDG Mentor-Protege Program


PBDG Mentor-Protégé Program is a learning model with a holistic three anchor support strategy: tailored class offering, 1:1 advising service and a mentorship cohort. Each business will go through our free initial client needs assessment to help identify areas of weaknesses. The training center utilizes internal resources/expertise and leverages existing external resources available in the industry and community to meet participants’ needs. 

Businesses in this learning cohort are considered long term clients. Each program year is 9 months long with a 2 year term. After the 2 years, clients will be eligible to continue receiving one-on-one business advising from our business advisors. The owner(s) will work with a business advisor and mentor to develop a strategic plan specific to the needs of their business to overcome obstacles the firm is facing.  Enrollment in this program is highly competitive and limited to strict criteria determined by funding contracts. 

  • PBDG gives service preference to minority and/or women-owned small businesses. If you do not fit within those groups, you may still be able to benefit from our other program offerings. For further information email us at
  • Must be in continuous operation for at least 1 year
  • Must not be ineligible or debarred from public works by BOLI
  • Must notify PBDG if there are claims filed against the business 
  • Must provide direct services to the construction industry (contractors, architecture and engineering, design etc).
  • Must be willing to attend at least one class a month and two meetings a month. All our classes and meetings are virtual until further notice.
  • Business foundations and stabilization 
  • Strategic business planning 
  • Construction project management and reporting 
  • Accounting, financial management and billing 
  • Construction bidding, sales, and software 
  • Construction estimating and software 
  • Navigating contractor and regulatory requirements 
  • Human Resources – recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining qualified employees 
  • Bonding and access to capital 
  • Workforce requirements 
  • Resource & Referrals to other Professional Services including Legal, Credit Repair, Tax Prep and More
  • Topic specific coaching and mentoring

We are no longer accepting applications for our 2020-2021 program year.


This program is free thanks to our Program Sponsor.

Interested in being a mentor or sponsoring our next cohort? Please contact

One-on-One Consulting

Business advisors work on an individual basis with clients to provide specific assistance with business needs. This program is not competitive and construction businesses located anywhere in the state of Oregon can enroll into our one-on one consulting services and are eligible to receive assistance. Below is a list of services we currently provide. Check back periodically as we will update this list to include additional services driven by industry demand.

  • RFP Response Assistance
  • COBID certification and renewal assistance
  • SBA Certification
  • Bonding Assistance
  • Access to Capital: Loan readiness, finance strategies, financial analysis, and funder connections
  • Resource & Referrals to other Professional Services including Accounting System Setup, Legal, Credit Repair, Tax Prep and More
  • Identifying Subcontracting Opportunities
  • Small Business Forums and Peer Networking Events
  • Facilitate Networking with Primes and General Contractors
  • Direct Connections to Project Opportunities

This program is free for PBDG Members and $75 per hour for non-members.


PBDG’s group training leverages resources within the construction industry. Group classes are designed and taught by Prime Contractors, tenured subcontractors, and subject matter experts to bring real world context, facilitate networking and be culturally responsive. It also makes our program original, adaptable to needs of the target participants and flexible in design to feedback. 

The class curriculum is subdivided into two groups:

Healthy Business Curriculum (HBC) – is designed to meet the business and personal financial needs of the owner.                                     

Project Management Curriculum (PMC) – is designed to ensure that firms can handle the project management side of running their business operations.                                                                                                 

If you are looking to grow your capacity, capabilities, and confidence to take your business to the next level, please click on the PBDG calendar to see what classes are available. Our classes are available to construction businesses all over the state online and in person. Due to the pandemic all our classes are virtual until further changes. Fees associated with each class will be displayed on the class flyer and scholarships are available.

All of our classes are elligible for CCB Credits.

Our classes are free for COBID Certified and/or Minority/Women-Owned Firms through December 2020!

For more information regarding our classes, scholarship, and sponsorship, please contact


Upcoming classes/seminars

Please refer back to this page as dates and times for future classes will be posted as they are scheduled.

All of our classes are eligible for CCB Credits.

Click on the class flyer below to register through PBDG’s registration form.

We look forward to having you join us!

The PBDG Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that operates the Construction Business Training and Plan (TAP) Center which provides education and training to COBID certified firms in the construction industry.

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