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Reyna Badillo
Summit Wood Creations

“Working with PBDG has been the springboard to making the leap into the commercial sector and diversifying my business.”

Reyna Badillo knows the importance of purpose. Whether it’s a greater need spurred by swiftly changing circumstances, or the driving desire that fuels any self-starter, Reyna witnessed the power of purpose in action at a very young age.

Growing up in Mexico, the third of six siblings, Reyna and her family’s lives changed abruptly when her father, a lawyer, died when she was 11 years old. Reyna’s mother, a nurse, knew she needed to reach back to her own roots in order to keep the family afloat. Reyna witnessed her mother courageously meeting the challenge by starting a business and becoming a pillar of guidance and support for the family.

Reyna credits her own entrepreneurial passion, skills, and mindset to her mother and grandmother. These two powerful role models brought Reyna into the family business, teaching her to take an active part while guiding her in client- and customer-facing interactions. With this solid foundation, after arriving in the United States, she continued the family legacy in the furniture business, launching her own venture in the Pacific Northwest.

Twenty-two years later, Summit Wood Creations continues to thrive, as Reyna finds herself on the cusp of yet another exciting new phase of growth. “The hardest thing for me in the early stages,” Reyna revealed, “was to, as my grandmother would say, jump from the chicken to the cow. In this case, that meant quitting my job and devoting myself completely to my business.” By leaving her comfort zone and giving the company her full focus, Reyna was able to expand her business to encompass larger residential spaces, and ultimately commercial projects.

Mentored by PBDG Board Treasurer Vicqui Guevara, aided by PBDG Business Advisor Javier Urenda, and bolstered by PBDG’s varied training modules, Reyna considers PBDG to be the key to Summit’s continuing evolution. “Working with PBDG has been the springboard to making the leap into the commercial sector and diversifying my business,” Reyna explained. “For me, it was key to finding the right people who really care about my growth, and who sat down with me and taught me how to do it.” More than that, PBDG has delivered a welcoming community of fellow business owners who are navigating similar stages of growth, with whom Reyna has been able to exchange wisdom, insights, and friendship.

But for Reyna, it all comes back to purpose. Now backed by a team of six passionate individuals, Reyna and Summit Wood Creations are driven to deliver beautiful spaces that allow people to connect while creating equally beautiful memories. As just one example, Reyna completed the Port of Portland mentorship program and worked on the Port of Portland TCore Project with both Hoffman Construction and Skanska. “Business is constantly changing and evolving. But your purpose doesn’t waver,” Reyna affirmed. “That’s what really matters.”With such a clear north-star, plus help from PBDG and its community, Reyna’s growth and success will continue to advance.

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