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We’ll work together to build the capacity of COBID certified firms, train and strengthen workforce programs.


Partnering with PBDG means you will work with us as we seek to build the capacity of COBID certified firms and strengthen workforce opportunities.

Partnership opportunities are open to non-certified firms, nonprofit organizations, business and corporate firms, prime contractors as well as public agencies. We provide customized services to our public agency partners and look forward to working with you to advance the equity goals of your organization.

  • Opportunity for Project Announcements and extending Invitations to training and development program participation
  • Project and program announcements in PBDG’s monthly electronic news update at no charge
  • PBDG members will be available to serve as advisory to Agencies and Prime Contractors on new programs, plans and procedures designed to support COBID certified firms
  • Partners will be invited to serve on PBDG’s Advisory Board (rotation of 2-3 Partners per year) or subcommittees, assist to establish Organization direction, and to identify and recommend industry Best Practices
  • Active participation by PBDG membership in Agency Disparity Studies and other beneficial research
  • Partnership on workforce training and achieving workforce objectives
  • Partner by jointly developing COBID certified firms training to address gaps in capacity
  • Mentorship opportunities, providing group trainings, providing office space or meeting space for PBDG Members when available
  • Assistance in achieving public and private sector goals
  • Serve as meeting host for location and refreshments
  • Your company logo on our website

For more information, please contact Partnership rates are valid through July 1st – June 30th.


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Partnering with PBDG means that we will work together to build the capacity of COBID certified firms,
and train and strengthen workforce programs.