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Carlton Pascal Renan Bennefield 
Pascal Welding + Design, LLC

Carlton Pascal Renan Bennefield was lucky. He was hit by a bolt from the blue — a bright spark of inspiration — when he was just a little boy. Suddenly, on an otherwise unremarkable day in Carlton’s native state of New York, his lifetime dream became crystal clear. Carlton remembers the moment like it was a scene from a movie. “When I was about six years old, I was in the car with my family, and we were stuck in traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. As I looked out the window, I saw these bright sparks, like fireworks shooting up into the air. I asked my father what was going on — what were they doing? And he answered, ‘They’re welding.’ And I said, ‘That’s what I want to do. I want to weld, and build bridges!’” And with that, his career-path was set.

Hailing from an extended family of entrepreneurs, inventors, and talented trades- and craftspeople, Carlton credits his father — a military electrician — with teaching him focus and determination. Meanwhile, Carlton’s uncle taught him how to weld. Schooling and classes shortly followed. “I started my business in my family’s backyard with one machine, a little stick welder, that I plugged into the 240-volt outlet in my parents’ laundry room,” Carlton explained. From these humble beginnings, Carlton was off and running.

His determination paid off. After years perfecting his craft while working on increasingly bigger projects, Carlton’s contracts took him from Virginia to North Carolina, Alabama to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. It was here that Carlton’s wife Kimberley, together with PBDG, delivered a game-changer. A friend of Kimberley’s passed her an article about Abdias Calixte and his company Complete Fusion Welding, LLC. Carlton read the article and knew right away, “I gotta meet this guy!” In another stroke of luck two years later, in 2022, Leanna Petrone of PBDG bridged the connection. The two men hit it off instantly, and in a short amount of time, Abdias became Carlton’s mentor. Carlton admits, “I was ecstatic.”

In the time since, Carlton has received crucial training from PBDG, and invaluable on-the-job instruction and business coaching from Abdias through Abdias and Carlton’s PBDG-forged collaboration. Carlton also honors Lee Fleming, Regional Supplier Diversity Manager at Skanska, as being an industry expert willing to help Carlton understand the credentials and professional presentation he needed in order to be a viable businessperson in his own right. As a result, Pascal Welding + Design, LLC is now a licensed, insured, COBID-certified business with a website. But Carlton’s ultimate goal holds true to that fateful moment on the Brooklyn Bridge. “Some day, I want to work on a bridge project. That’d be great.” With guidance, mentorship, and intra-community collaboration, it seems only a matter of time. 


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